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The Most Beautiful Kite in the World

Secret of the Dance
Bottled Sunshine
It's Raining, It's Pouring
Me and Mr Mah
Solomon's Tree
Most Beautiful Kite in the World
Sarah May and the New Red Dress
A Special Gift
A World of Stories

Young AdultThe Keeper and the Crows

Phoebe and the Gypsy
The Keeper and the Crows
An Island of My Own
Finders Keepers


Summer of Magic

[1] The White Horse Talisman
[2] Dance of the Stones
[3] Heart of the Hill
[4] Behind The Sorcerer's Cloak

The Disapearing Dinosaur - Adventure.Net

[1] The Lost Sketch
[2] The Silver Boulder
[3] The Disappearing Dinosaur
[4] The Klondike Ring


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Secret of the Dance


Behind The Sorcerer's Cloak



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